The Key to our Success

Our Developers

We do not have a database of 100,000 developers with skills ranging from Drupal to Oracle. We look for one set of skills in our developers: solid experience with C# / ASP.NET / Microsoft SQL Server along with front-end JavaScript technologies. Since we are focused on one group of skills, we can quickly find qualified candidates.


Accelerated Low Cost Ramp Up

Whether you choose to insource or outsource your developers, they need to get up to speed. This ramp up period is generally expensive, drawing either on internal resources or external training. During this time, the developer is just not as productive as a developer with the right experience.

Since we are focused on Sitecore and Umbraco developers, we have the internal tools to bring these developers up to speed. Likely, we can get them up to speed much faster than your organization can. Once they reach a level of competence, these developers will continue to have access to our internal knowledge.