Share Services

One of our primary goals is to be able to provide a Shared Services Framework. Since our organization is very focused on Sitecore and Umbraco, there is the high likelihood of multiple customers with similar needs.   We want to be able identify these opportunities for the potential to share knowledge and resources when applicable.

To achieve this, we consistently review the work of each of our developers to see if we can recognize similarities to work performed by other developers internally. Additionally, we ask our clients to share their high level product backlog lists with us on a quarterly basis. From this, we identify sharing opportunities and work with our clients make the most of these opportunities. Examples of these opportunities:

  1. Company A is looking to implement Web Forms for Marketers (WFFM). Our developer with Company B has recently implemented WFFM. We will ask Company B to borrow their developer for 4 hours to help the developer from Company A get a base understanding of how to install and implement WFFM.
  2. Companies A and B both would like to implement personalization on their home page. We have an internal expert available on personalization. We can share the cost of the personalization expert between Companies A and B.
  3. Companies A, B and C would like to implement a similar feature in their applications. This feature is a larger feature and will require 4 to 6 weeks of developer time. We will suggest that one company take the lead on the development and we will share some of the costs across all companies.

 Few consulting or staffing organizations can provide this kind of benefit, since they simply seek to staff a body.